Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Book Review: The Invisible Spotlight

by Craig Wasserman and Doug Katz

If you are a manager, you understand the importance of the relationships you have with your employees. They can be the difference between meeting your organization’s goals and coming up short. However, you may not realize the depth to which your connection with your employees goes. Management consultants Doug Katz and Craig Wasserman point out that you (and your actions and interactions) are the subject of your employees’ thoughts on their drive home and their subsequent conversations around the dinner table. Their book The Invisible Spotlight: Why Managers Can’t Hide (now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary) will help you thrive rather than shrink in the unblinking glare of the namesake spotlight.

The authors of this book deliver an incredible amount of valuable content in a small number of pages. They skip lengthy introductions and wandering case studies in favor of tightly written chapters that push ideas gleaned from the pair’s extensive consulting work. Katz and Wasserman deconstruct popular notions of one-size-fits-all management methods. One of the more critical points for any reader is the authors’ emphasis on learning the “role” of a manager as an actor learns a role for a film or play. The expectation that a line worker can be promoted and immediately perform the functions and (more importantly) interactions required of a manager is foolish. Katz and Wasserman are quick to point out that even experienced managers need to consistently practice the skills required for good management. Most important, they advise readers never to fall prey to the perception that managers have “snap judgments.” With each management myth exploded by Katz and Wasserman, readers gain an advantage that will help them excel in their careers.

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