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All it Takes is One Piece of Paper
January 27, 2012, 4:27 PM
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Leadership. You would think that it could be a fairly simple, straightforward practice. But you wouldn’t know it from the proliferation of leadership books and experts.

In my Soundview online library I have 98 leadership titles, and that’s just the leadership books that made our cut for “30 best business books” over the past decade. This represents only a fraction of the leadership titles actually published. And each author has their own take on what makes a great leader.

So how do you make sense of all this information, to become the best leader you can be? Yes, I’m going to recommend yet another leadership book. But this one is different. In One Piece of Paper, Mike Figliuolo guides readers to condense all that leadership advice down to a one-page philosophy of leadership that fits you, your personality, and your style.

Figliuolo asks straight-forward questions across four areas:

  • Lead yourself: what motivates you and what are your rules of personal conduct?  What do you want the “future you” to look like and stand for?
  • Lead the thinking: where are you taking your team and how will you innovate to drive change?
  • Lead your people: how can you lead a team as individuals rather than faceless cogs in a machine?
  • Lead a balanced life: How do you achieve equilibrium between work and personal obligations?

He then guides you through the process of taking your answers and putting your personal leadership philosophy onto one side of a piece of paper, a guide that can serve you well into the future.

If you would like help preparing your own philosophy of leadership, I recommend that you join our upcoming Soundview Live webinar with Mike Figliuolo entitled A Simple Approach to Powerful Leadership. And bring your questions as well.


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