Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Taking the Contrarian View in Business

Have you noticed how some business authors purposely take the contrary view to current business thinking? Sometimes it’s just to get attention for their book, but generally their intention is to get us to think outside the box, to let our minds break out of the assumptions we’ve heard so often that we believe they must be true.

I thought it would be fun to scan the recent few months of books that we’re seeing at Soundview to look for some examples. Here’s what I found (I’ve provided the Amazon links for your reference):

I think there’s a lesson for us in this list of contrarian titles. Are we too set in our ways? Have we become comfortable running our businesses by maxims that may no longer be true?

Perhaps it would be healthy to take a step back as we’re about to make an important decision to take the contrarian view for a moment. Have I missed something here? Are there more ways to look at this issue? We might even invite our staff to provide contrarian views without repercussions.

Let me know how this works for you.


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