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Book Review: The Power of LEO
February 27, 2012, 11:59 AM
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by Subir Chowdhury

Quality is of critical importance to today’s companies but the concept seems to cause confusion. According to noted quality expert and international best-selling author Subir Chowdhury, quality is frequently mislabeled as a destination rather than a continuous journey. Chowdhury is considered a global authority on the use of Design for Six Sigma, a distinction reflected in his book The Power of Six Sigma. He carries the importance of quality to a new level with his latest release The Power of LEO: The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results, now available in multiple digital formats as a Soundview Executive Book Summary.

The Power of LEO is Chowdhury’s effort to apply the principles of quality management to any organizational process. It follows a simple dynamic of three principles: Listen, Enrich and Optimize. Readers will understand the need for Chowdhury’s system within the first few pages. Chowdhury had an epiphany of sorts when he visited clients in the aftermath of a Six Sigma assessment. He asked members of the clients’ organizations how many of the Six Sigma solutions were actually implemented. In multiple situations, Chowdhury’s clients revealed that the solutions presented by Six Sigma were unable to be followed.

Chowdhury’s LEO system improves on other quality initiatives in its applicability across an organization’s leadership structure. Rather than rely on delegation methods that sequester responsibility for quality in various segments, the LEO principles centralize the concept of quality and make it a part of a company’s culture. Readers will find Chowdhury’s system easy to understand and implement. It will bring any company one step closer to the extraordinary results promised by the book’s subtitle.

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