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The Power of Influence

I recently joined a committee in my town that is planning an upcoming important event for the community. As I looked around the room at the members of this committee  there was a selectman, a school board member, a vice president of the local bank, the head of the historical society, and several other “movers and shakers” in the community.

 And so I wondered what role I could play with this powerful group of people. Would my thoughts be heard and my opinions valued? How could I have any influence over the decisions that would be made?

If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, either in your community or your company, you might want to check out the teaching of Harrision Monarth in his book 360 Degrees of Influence. Monarth makes the case that with the right tools, anyone can have influence on those around them, no matter what their position or title.

Within his book is an interesting list on how to influence perception, whether the perception of you or your company:

  • Reputation matters
  • Reputation management is an activity, not a slogan
  • Tell the story – if you don’t tell your story, others will
  • Know your base – understand the business you’re in
  • Earn the trust of all stakeholders
  • Acknowledge errors
  • Fix the error
  • Recognize emergent concerns and respond to them
  • Never complain, but do explain

If you would like further details on this list, and to learn how to improve your influence at work, home and in your community, then why not join Harrison Monarth for our Soundview Live webinar on March 20th titled 360 Degrees of Influence. You’re sure to pick up some pointers that will help you to have a greater impact on those around you.


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