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Book Review: Real-Time Marketing and PR

As one of the three new summaries available from Soundview Executive Book Summaries, author David Meerman Scott’s Real-Time Marketing & PR is a title that arrives at just the right time. Many business books attempt to take a snapshot of the state of social media during the period in which the book is written. This makes the majority of these titles out of date within the blink of an eye. Scott’s book is one of the best attempts at explaining how to operate in the current climate, rather than rehashing the technology at a business’s disposal. He remarks that this is an era of revolution and businesses that don’t react in the appropriate manner are in danger of being made obsolete in short order.

Real-Time Marketing & PR is a quick read, a quality that is perfect for a book that believes speed is an essential business skill in today’s marketplace. Scott’s strategies emphasize constant and (where possible) instant contact with one’s customers. The customer is the focal point and executives will want to pay particular attention to the case studies Scott provides. The instances where a business takes the wrong action are often more informative than those where the company executes its strategy well.

Leaders of small businesses should put Real-Time Marketing & PR on their reading list. Scott gives examples that demonstrate why a small business’s size can be its best asset in outmaneuvering larger competition. In a business era where the ability to adapt can be the reason for survival, Scott’s book does a great job of giving executives the essential knowledge to gain these skills.

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