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From time to time I read an article that makes me marvel at the accomplishments of people working in the innovation field. Apparently, I’m not alone, since innovation is one of the most requested topics among subscribers to Soundview Executive Book Summaries. A visit to reveals that Soundview has a variety of book summaries and book reviews (FREE book reviews, I might add) that examine the intricacies of the process of innovation.

Take a look at this news release from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) Global Seed Funds. The fund awarded seed money to a series of ecology and bioengineering projects between MIT and China. The six projects that received the funding include efforts to map the antigenic evolution of influenza viruses, working with a solar thermo-electric generator for micro-power, among others.

Innovation is about more than the hard sciences, of course. It’s also big business, and more and more companies are attempting to gain a better understanding of innovation. In line with this goal, Soundview is offering a FREE innovation resource for anyone interested in learning more about innovation from some of the global leaders in the subject.

Soundview has teamed with HSM to offer FREE audio summaries of the speeches of 11 thought leaders at the World Innovation Forum. The speakers include:

  • Seth Godin (Author, blogger and marketing expert)
  • Michael Porter (Harvard Business School Professor, head of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness)
  • Ursula Burns (CEO, Xerox)
  • Chip Heath (Author, Stanford University professor)
  • Joel Makower (Executive editor,
  • Wendy Kopp (Teach for America)
  • Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter)
  • Jeff Kindler (Chairman, CEO Pfizer)
  • Michael C. Howe (Chief Executive Officer, MinuteClinic)
  • Brian Shawn Cohen (Founder, Technology Solutions, Inc)
  • Jeffrey Hollender (Executive Chairperson and co-founder, Seventh Generation)

Visit this link to download your FREE audio coverage of these must-listen speeches.


Building Readers Godin Style

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, along with over 400,000 others, I’m told.

Seth Godin has found a unique way to speak and connect with people –– and to inspire them. And he continues to fine-tune the way he builds relationships with them. Godin’s energy to always push for the remarkable has sometimes left our heads spinning and yet we have always been fans –– summarizing and/or reviewing his books Purple Cow, The Moo, The Dip, Meatball Sundae, Tribes and most recently, Linchpin. Last week, in his blog “Movin On” Godin declared that Linchpin will be the last book he will publish in a traditional way.

He said, “Traditional book publishers use techniques perfected a hundred years ago to help authors reach unknown readers, using a stable technology (books) and an antique and expensive distributions system – The thing is … now I know who my readers are.”

In an interview in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 24), Godin is quoted as saying “Publishers provide a huge resource to authors who don’t know who reads their books. What the Internet has done for me and a lot of others is enable me to know my readers.” The article reports that Mr. Godin plans to release subsequent titles himself in electronic books, via print-on-demand or in such formats as audiobooks, apps, small digital files and podcasts.

Godin said in his blog that his mission is to figure out who the audience is, and take them where they want and need to go, in whatever format works, even if it’s not a traditionally published book.

Yeah, head spinning but, as always, thought-provoking.

For an interesting perspective on whether “To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish,” check out Boyd Morrison’s article in The Huffington Post.

Don’t Miss These Great New Summaries!

Summer is known to be a time for blockbusters in the entertainment industry. Although the start date seems to be earlier each year, it’s generally accepted that by the middle of June, we’re well into a stretch of time that sees multiple big-budget, highly-anticipated films debuting every Friday in theaters across the nation.

I bring this up because the latest edition of Soundview Executive Book Summaries could easily be described as a summer blockbuster. We’ve got three incredible summaries for readers this month featuring some serious star-power in the author department. Let’s take a look at the titles in this exciting triple-feature:

For those who enjoy a great story as part of their learning experience, we start our latest edition with Patrick Lencioni’s Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding the Three Fears that Sabotage Client Loyalty. Lencioni, an expert at weaving fiction and strong business applications together, tells the tale of Jack, a consultant tasked with learning about a competitor his company recently acquired. Jack learns a surprising lesson about why absolute transparency can create intense loyalty in customers.

Innovation is a topic that continues to garner a great deal of interest among our subscribers. The U.S. is engaged in an ongoing race with developing nations to maintain an economic presence in the innovation arena. With this in mind, Adam Richards offers Innovation X: Why a Company’s Toughest Problems are Its Greatest Advantage. Richards offers an intriguing argument that defines a new class of business problems — X-Problems. These tough new challenges thwart conventional planning but present massive innovation opportunities.

Finally, we take a look at the building blocks of a great organization. While CEOs tend to garner attention from internal and external audiences, there are individuals in an organization who are an indispensable part of the company’s success. Marketing mastermind Seth Godin terms these individuals “linchpins” and his new book Linchpins: Are You Indispensable? helps readers understand how to exude the attributes of the linchpin employee.

Like I said, it’s a real blockbuster this month! It’s a great time to subscribe to Soundview. Also, each of the above summaries are available for individual purchase for low, low prices. The online edition of each summary is only $8.50. Depending on where you live, that’s less than the price of a movie ticket … and unlike the occasional big-budget action film, these summaries won’t disappoint.

Who Sits at the Head of the Table?

From time to time, I like to take a little poll when I write this blog. Here’s today’s poll question: for Americans at home or abroad, raise your hand if you have already (or plan to) use the Internet to search for recipes for your Thanksgiving Day meal? OK, here’s the second question: for those of you who need a search engine, how many will use Google?

My reasons for asking these questions are simple. I read this blog post from ZDNet today and was entertained by the notion that a media titan has hopes of blocking his company’s content from the all-encompassing reach of Google.

The book to which the blogger refers is one that we’ve covered at Soundview. If you’ve never checked it out before, it’s an excellent exploration of the secrets that caused and continue to extend Google’s impact on the globe. Actually, this post drops a few of Soundview’s favorite names, including Seth Godin, who had a particularly nice quote about what happens when you attempt to charge people for their attention.

However, the company that made “search” one of the most important marketing terms of the past decade, continues to innovate beyond its beginnings. Chris Anderson, author of FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, also an upcoming Soundview Summary, discusses in his book the power of Google’s Web based software as one avenue in which the company continues to grow and influence the online world.

Google’s dominance in the Web landscape is enough to easily land it a seat at the head of the Internet’s Thanksgiving table. Although, I’m sure there are some Web-based companies who continue to wish that the company would pass the potatoes (both big and small).

A final, more personal note, as we prepare to celebrate our day of thanks tomorrow, I want to take a moment to thank the men and women of the Armed Forces who will be apart from their loved ones on this holiday. Let’s save our greatest thanks for them.

Are You IN?

On Thursday, November 6, Return Path is presenting the 2008 IN—E-mail Reputation Conference  at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The day is packed with sessions ranging from “5 Reasons Why Your Email Won’t Get Delivered” to “What ISPs Really Think About Your E-mail” and “Leveraging Your Reputation to Make Profits Soar.” It looks as if most of the sessions are presented by someone from Return Path, but a number of them include panelists from other companies (e.g., Proctor & Gamble, Comcast and comScore).


Aside from the sessions, there will be a “Breakfast of Champions,” two scheduled coffee breaks, a working lunch,  and a happy hour and museum power tour where cocktails and refreshments will be served as attendees network with their peers and take a private tour of the Museum of Natural History. That’s quite a lot fit into one day!


But don’t let me forget the keynote presentation: “No Free Stamps Here!” presented by marketing guru, Seth Godin. From the conference agenda: “Fine tuning the art of permission and relevancy to build personal connections with your customers is paramount to business success….Godin challenges and provokes you to think about your marketing practices differently enabling you to bridge the gap between your customers’ needs and wants so you can readily respond to change and build stronger relationships that resonate with your customers for the long run.”


This sounds like a valuable 1-day conference to attend if you feel e-mail is important to your company’s bottom line—whose isn’t? If you go to the Web site , it instructs you to “request an invitation” so that you can receive a special discounted rate. Remember to mark this on your calendars!