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E-book Accusations: What’s Your Take?

Who doesn’t love a little controversy? While preparing some notes for an upcoming presentation I’ll be delivering, I took a break to see what was new with my fellow WordPress bloggers. Every so often, I like to check in on the nameless ‘Net denizen who pens Me and My Kindle: An Excited Chronicle. Soundview understands the attachment and passion people feel for their devices. You should have heard our office’s debate over whose device had the best stream of our recent Influencing for Change video Webinar. This type of techno-fervor is why we offer our Soundview Executive Book Summaries in eight online formats (including the blogger’s beloved Kindle).

Imagine my surprise when I read the blogger’s post yesterday in which he or she speculates that Amazon is misleading the public about e-book sales outpacing printed book sales. [Editor’s Note: The nervous Nellie in me feels it prudent at this point to state that the opinion of the author of Me and My Kindle is his or her own viewpoint. It in no way represents the views of Soundview Executive Book Summaries or Concentrated Knowledge Corporation.]

The blogger’s opinion actually provides an interesting insight into how a company’s marketing department can help put its best foot forward. We live in a world that relies on the instant dissemination of facts. The policing of those facts eventually arrives, but not at the speed with which the statistic reaches the public. As the blogger states, the ripple effect of Amazon’s press release became fodder for morning talk shows. It’s far more difficult to extinguish a fire if you have to invent water after the fire has been burning.

While others wrangle over the details, Soundview is happy to provide its product to lovers of all digital formats.

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